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London, Dublin, and Edinburgh Photos

Westminster Abbey,
originally uploaded by Nate Brunk. While I have yet to post on my adventures of last week, you can check out about 200 of the new photos by clicking on the one to the left!


Le Tour Eiffel at Night

Le Tour Eiffel at Night,
originally uploaded by Nate Brunk. Click on the picture to see the rest of the pictures from Paris and Vianden!


Vianden and Paris, the MEGAPOST!

Helloooooo Everyone!

This is going to be an extremely long post, so bear with me!

Two weekends ago (the last weekend in January), after our Bruges trip, Taylor and I decided to remain back in Differdange for the weekend. It ended up being a good time; I had to get some shopping done for my new Embassy job ☺, then we went and saw “Casino Royale” in English at the big movie theater in Lux City. The movie theater is the high point of western (read American) civilization in that there is a billiards club, a few bars, and a Subway attached. Taylor and I hit up Subway for food… it was a nice “slice of home.” The movie was good, but the theater experience was a little weird… They don’t open the theater until 20 minutes before your movie. Then, if you want snacks, you go through a self-serve line to get your own popcorn/drinks/candy, pay for them and exit the concessions corral. After that, you wait helplessly in front of the door until a team of 5 people comes and unlocks the theater about 10 …

Still alive...

Hey ya'll,

Sorry I haven't posted much... This has been a really really reallllllllyyyy busy week. I started my internship in Lux City, had 2 papers due, over 200 pages of reading.. ugh. Anyway, the plan for this weekend is Paris! I'm pretty excited to say the least... the Louvre, Palis de Versailles... good times. I'll provide a much bigger update when I get back, I promise!