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Je Suis en Europe!

Ah! Finally, Le Internet!


Well, we arrived safely (much more so than on Air China Flights) on wednesday morning in Brussels, Belgium. After getting all of our things, we headed for the bus where MUDEC staff greeted us. After a three-hour long bus ride, we finally made it to Differdange (lovingly known here as "The Diff"). We hooked up with our host family's son, Johnny (not to be confused with their dog Johnny), who packed our luggage in a tiny van and took it ahead of us to our house. We walked to the house, literally a 2 minute walk from the chateau (yay for rolling out of bed!)! We checked out our rooms--they're really nice! We each have our own room on the 3rd (2nd here) story of Claire's (host mom's) house, then share a newly renovated bathroom--it's really nice!

We came back to MUDEC on Thursday to begin our orientation: first a lecture from Dr. Stiller (the dean), then introductory sessions about living with a host family, and student activities here at MUDEC. After that, we headed to Bastonge, Belgium (the site of the Battle of the Buldge) to check out the memorial and the battlegrounds. The guide told us the weather was much like it was over the course of the fight there--windy, cold, and wet. I can't imagine fighting in that terrible environment... and to think that it was the site of so many deaths/casualties....

Last night we headed to a few bars in differdange (gotta have some local flavor :P), then went to Luxembourg city to find a random bar that Brad THOUGHT he knew about... no dice. We probably hiked 4 miles and couldn't find anything except a lot of people who gave us wrong directions in German. Sooooo, we hit up a little pub on our way back to le gare (train station). I had my favorite Belgian beer (Chimay... mmmm). Though it's not ever on draught, it's a hell of a lot cheaper here than in the states! (3.50 Euro versus 8 dollars). Then we caught the train back to Diff and headed home...

Today, we're headed to Moselle, to a wine museum, winery, etc. I like the european attitude toward alcohol already, it seems like even though it's available, very few people come to bars to get drunk... way different than the United States...

Alright, I have to head to orientation stuff right now.. catch ya'll later!

Au Revoir,


TwinMamaLinda said…
je t'aime!

I am so thrilled that you checked in and are having a great time already! I can't wait to hear about everything! Email me the stuff you can't post (wink wink; nudge nudge)

Love and Kisses,

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