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Alost On De Plane

Shoooooot. I hurt all over. LA was a great time hangin' with Karen and Uncle Ed. We basically did a food tour of southern Cali, or so it seemed. Needless to say it ended crappily. I got food poisoning last night, yacked in Karen's car, yacked all night long (and didnt sleep) at the hotel. I still feel miserable today, but at least I can keep some food/water down.

China is almost here! I'm actually sitting at the gate right now. Most of the kids I've met so far from the program are pretty cool, a few idiots, but I suppose you'll find those everywhere. Now I have to get in gear and try to make it on an airplane for 18 hours without dying. Fun! Anyway, I'll post again in Beijing! Say me a prayer for my crappy stomach/body.


TwinMamaLinda said…
Kare's gotta drive cross country in that car with Nate yack in the backseat! teehee

I hope you made it in one piece and are feeling great by the time you get to China.

Have a great time and absorb all the culture you can - I can't wait to hear about it when you get back!
Love you!
Anonymous said…
Dear Nathan,
I hope you are having a fabulous time in Beijing. Today is Mother's Day and my baby is thousands of miles away. He is making his mother very proud that she raised an adventurous and independent thinker. Remember your blog is open to the world, watch your spelling and grammer. Show that you are college educated :-).Enjoy safe travels and leave a first class impression on the Chinese and Tibetans so that one day they will welcome you back. Love, Mom
Anonymous said…
Dear Nathan,

I hope you're feeling better and that after three days in le Chinois you are becoming acclimated. Remember to experience; not observe. As best you can, walk in their shoes and see the country as they see it: the beauty as only a citizen can see it.
Love, Dad

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