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Tibet! Almost home...

Hey Everyone!

Hope this blog finds you as well as it does me! Tibet is/was out of this world! Thank you Uncle Jake and Aunt Karen! I can't believe how beautiful this place is... It's so unaffected by the outside world while at the same time slowly becoming modernized. It's been a nice break to not constantly be breathing in hardcore pollution though... the mountain air has been great. I've noticed a few things because of the altitude, but nothing too significant.
Yesterday we went to the Potala palace... the place where the Dali Lama would live, walked around that, the Tibetan museum, and one of the big bazarrs around the big temple in the center of Lhasa. We also visited the Summer Palace for the Dali Lama and got to see the part constructed by the 14th (most current). Very serene indeed.
Today we visited a monestary--it was very interesting (though Bhuddism is extremely difficult to understand...) and the temple I mentioned earlier. Both are full of extravagant statues, relics, and paintings that are just incredible. I don't think my pictures will do them justice.
A big sidenote--the food here is incredible! It's a mix between Chinese and Indian. Dad, you'd love it. Yak is now a favorite meat, and I've had lamb in some very interesting ways. The highlight of my cuisine today, however, was the Chicken curry and naan...mmmmmmmm.
Alright, enough about the food... just some closing thoughts.
TIBET IS INCREDIBLE. From the views to the people and the history, it's just an amazing place. I feel so blessed to have been able to visit! I can't wait to show ya'll pictures when I get back. Only a few more days then back to the home of the free and the brave. I'm happy to be headed home too... 16 days in a culture where communication is almost impossible is rough! (Thank God I can speak a little french for Lux!) Hope you're all well, talk to you soon enough!



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