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Thursday, May 04, 2006


Well, I've got about 4 days left beore I head to LA, 6 before I'm on a plane headed for China, halfway around the world from Columbus, Ohio. It'd be less than honest for me to say I'm not a little worried (you know, communism will do that to a person), but I'm definitely looking forward to seeing the government through the eyes of their people. I'm going to do my best, like I tried to in my Latin American Studies class this year to see how their particular system works for them, not how it works for me.
Hopefully this trip will be eye-opening, if nothing else, I'm getting an insider's look at the (Second) biggest superpower in the world.
Ve shall see. Check back for more later (though I'm not positive I'll be able to update while I'm in China, I'll post pictures here for sure).


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